Friday, May 25, 2012

World War 3? Unlikely

by Ammaar ibn Walid
The Star Trail Lines Writer

The 19th of April 2012, Wednesday

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful...

Within the last several years, there have been people from different aspects of life spreading what are only rumors these days. Rumors of a third World War happening or going to happen in the near future. Personally I don't believe in such rumors or such a thing happening. I would like to look into different scenarios that some rumors might use to support their claim of a third World War happening. First though I would like to summarize the first two World Wars.

World War 1 was at first called the Great War. It happened in Europe and in parts of the Middle East. What I call the Great Arab Disgrace happened during that time. It happened during the period between 1914 and 1918. It was between the "Allies" and "Central Forces". The Central Forces were Germany, the Ottoman Khilafa and Austria. The allies were already known. The Zionists of that time might have initiated it in order to destroy the Ottoman Khilafa. As such the Global Oligarchy manipulated the Arabs in Hijaz to "help" vanquish or fight the Ottoman Khilafa in the Middle East. The results were the Great Arab Disgrace. The results of the war were the territory of the Ottoman Khilafa decreased greatly to only that of what is currently Turkey, among other stuff.

World War 2 followed World War 1 after a short period of turmoil in Europe. It was indeed a "World War" as it occurred not only in Europe, but also in Africa and Asia. Once again the Zionists were pulling the strings and the Nazis of Germany led by Hitler were fighting against the Zionists and the Global Oligarchy. The German entrance into Russia and entrance into other parts of Europe (excluding the Iberian Peninsula) was a start. It was only with the help of the U.S. and the blunder of the German air force against the weakened British forces, which changed the tide however slow it was.

The end result was Germany being divided into West Germany controlled by the U.S. and its allies, and East Germany controlled by Russia. World War 2 might have extended longer if Russia didn't control half of Berlin, with the Global Oligarchy wanting to go after Russia, or the Soviet Union at the time.

Part of the end result of World War 2 was the Zionists arriving in Palestine to create their fictitious "homeland". Under the Zionists' lies of the Holohoax, the Global Oligarchy was open to Palestine having a foreign presence in it.

With the tensions across the world as they are now, one might make the invalid mistake that there would be a World War 3. The U.S. and its allies are already stretched in forces on foreign bases in lands that aren't theirs. That's one, but they are also stretched with their invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, not to mention their assaults on Somalia and Yemen.

Russia is still weak and recoiling from the collapse of its former power of the Soviet Union. Not to mention they are busy in battling the Mujahideen in the Caucasus Emirate. China and India have their own problems with Kashmir and East Turkestan as well.

One scenario or rumor might have to deal with Iran, with Iran being the trigger that would lead to World War 3. One way that might happen would be the reckless assault the Zionists would do on nuclear facilities in Iran, possibly using Azerbaijan as the launch pad for such an assault. The question is not whether or not the assault would be successful or not. It isn't even if it would be enough to stop the nuclear drive Iran has.

The questions deal with how Iran would respond and how allies of two sides would come together to battle. One could easily see countries like Iran, Venezuela, Russia, China and Pakistan rallying together, with the U.S., some European countries and some Arab countries rallying on the second side. The question of who or if any Arab country would take sides is still there.

The Global Oligarchy wants to protect its precious Zionists in Palestine against any possible enemy that is a danger to them. It was mostly because the Zionists pulled the strings that the Global Oligarchy went into Afghanistan and Iraq. The Zionists pulled off 9/11 in the U.S. and as such the U.S. went to war with Afghanistan and occupied it.

For me there is no question of whom or how 9/11 was done. I clearly see the Zionists behind it and the Global Oligarchy supporting it. The ripples of Iran being attacked and Iran responding might be only limited to the Middle East, but if Russia and China get involved, it might spread.

One needs to look at what's happening in the U.S. and Europe these days and this year (2012) before continuing to spread such rumors. With the Occupy Movement in the U.S. and Europe, not to mention the elections in the U.S., the possibility of a World War 3 scenario triggered through Iran -but not by Iran- is highly unlikely.

There are pacifist movements in the U.S. and in Europe. There are also anti-war movements and groups in both the U.S. and in Europe. They are being stronger and louder against the invasion of Afghanistan and are strongly being against any assault or attack on Iran.

The people were cleverly manipulated both with Afghanistan and Iraq by the Global Oligarchy, but it is obvious that the people aren't falling for the tricks or manipulation of the Global Oligarchy toward Iran. With the Arab Spring still active in the Middle East; the Russian Spring still alive in Russia; the Occupy Movement still active in the U.S., the people are clearly making up their minds.

The Zionists were pulling the strings for the invasions of both Iraq and Afghanistan, but their influence with the world has decreased greatly since then. As such the Zionists can't pull the strings strong enough for there to be war against Iran, and the Zionists aren't stupid enough to launch an assault on Iran alone by themselves.

That's one scenario with it being normal warfare of ground, air and sea. Another war could be a cyber war, and there have been battles or skirmishes on the internet between Iran and the Zionists in a way. With Anonymous and other "hacktivists" active on the internet, the possibility of a cyber war with Iran is unlikely for that and other reasons.

A third scenario would be a nightmare scenario. That's the threat of a Nuclear War, with World War 3 being a Nuclear War. However such war might not last to be a World War for one thing. Such scenario is unlikely because the Global Oligarchy wants to control the land and resources of any land it invades or occupies. Iran is rich with resources. A nuclear war would affect any foreign occupation of the land one way or another. As such the Global Oligarchy isn't stupid to resort to a nuclear war against Iran.

Another scenario or rumor might have to deal with China, with China being the trigger that would lead to World War 3. Instead of the nuclear excuse the Global Oligarchy would give for invading Iran, it would be a different excuse for China. A nuclear war between China and the U.S. is unlikely because it won't benefit and would only severely harm the interests both have.

China might have the upper hand against the U.S. if there was to be a war. The U.S. might have India get involved in it. The Korean Peninsula, Japan, Russia and Central Asia would also be pulled into the war one way or another. Once again it might only be a regional war, but the possibility of it becoming a world war is there but low.

One also needs to keep in mind what's happening in China, with there being protests and such happening in different parts of China, and I'm not talking about lands China occupies like East Turkestan or Tibet.

Even though the Global Oligarchy and Russia are old rivals -older than the rivalry of the Global Oligarchy and China- the Global Oligarchy is clearly seeing Russia becoming weaker on its own. As such the possibility of World War 3 starting between Russia and the U.S. is unlikely.

I would have went into more details about World War 2, but the purpose of this opinion or analysis (if it could be considered that) was to focus on how World War 3 happening - whether in the near future or far future- won't happen. The future is part of the Unseen for us humans, but nonetheless World War 3 happening during that time isn't possible.

The rise of the Islamic Umma would hamper and prevent that, like it is slowly rising through the Arab Spring. Only focusing on nations like the U.S. or nations of Europe or Russia, Iran or China as being a trigger for World War 3 and ignoring the Islamic Umma entirely is stupid and silly. If people want to spread rumors or continue spreading rumors of World War 3, they should put the Islamic Umma in the equation, especially with the Arab Spring more than a year old now.

I say to people who spread rumors of World War 3 happening, look closely at what you use to try to make such claims or rumors. To simply say it, such people spreading such rumors need numerous doses of reality. The world is in no position of World War 3 happening, and that's final.

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